Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, April 12 – Last Day in Myrtle Beach

I finally got the rally days posted so you can go back and look at them.

Today we slept-in and took our time getting ready. I gave Jesse a haircut, he wanted a shorter cut this time, and I gave him what he asked for. (See picture below)

After getting dressed we were off to North Myrtle Beach. We stopped in a little place on Main Street for a sandwich. We talked to the owner who happen to be from Rockville Maryland..small world. He was very curious about our life style.

Then we walked on the beach. We were surprised about the number of people on the beach.


I put my feet in the water, but Jesse said it was too cold for him


You can see Jesse's new hair cut in this picture.


After we returned home we walked down to Howard and Linda’s rig to say see ya later. Howard was getting ready to pack up his boats and Jesse gave him a hand, since Linda has a bum knee we just sat and supervised. We stayed and visited much longer then we planned, so dinner was just sandwiches.

We are heading to Lake George tomorrow. Plan to be there on Thursday.

Until Tomorrow good night.

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Bob said...

Great hair cut Jesse!! Safe travels! Bob and Lynda