Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, April 15 – Last Travel Day for a while


We we up early this morning about 5:45am. We got things ready and packed up to depart. As I showed you yesterday we were parked in such a way that we could not pull out of out site. We would have to back-out.

Jesse was ready and I went to the rear to spot him. The back up went well, I got into the truck and Jesse put it in drive and BAM! OMG!!! We heard this loud BAM!  Jesse says “That’s not good, the trailer fell on the truck”.

We both got out and found this.

IMG_2811 IMG_2812 IMG_2813

IMG_2814 IMG_2815

I was thinking the hitch broke so I got the camera to take pictures for insurance reasons. Jesse thought I was doing it so I could blog them.

Well thankfully the hitch was okay, Jesse forgot to lock it in. Not sure why? It is not something I would have ever thought he would do, but I was very proud of him for keeping his cool. We lowered the lading gear and raised the trailer. Jesse says the are 3 words that caused this mishap…neg li gence!  He also thinks the damage was so minimal because he has so much junk in the truck that it kept the weight off the sides of the truck bed.

The trailer put  a small dent in the top of the tailgate and bent the end of the bed liner rail, and put a dent in the Blue Boy, but other than that no damage. We were very lucky.

We hitched back up and departed at 8am and traveled down the road to a small place for breakfast. Well this was my test for OCD and I did not pass. This place was very dirty, cluttered and old. I ordered water and it came in a plastic cup that I assumed was stained. I asked for a straw and still could not make myself drink it.

I ordered eggs, bacon (extra crispy) and potatoes. The flatware was clean. The bacon was limp, the eggs were okay and I ate one piece of toast. Jesse ordered the same except he got coffee served in a stained cup (I hope it was stained) that looked very dirty inside and out. He ate all of his and finished mine. This only cost $8.70 for the two of us, but I failed the test. I can live with that failure.

We continued on down some back roads, then on to I-81. We ran into a back-up for construction in Wilkes-Barre which held us up for about a hour.

We made it to Lake George at 2:45 traveling 319 miles today.

We said our hello’s to Tonya, Merilee, Jim, Craig, Bonnie and Tina before continuing down the road to Lake George Schroon Valley Resort, which will be our home for the next 5 months.

We got set-up and of course it stared to rain. Were exhausted by the time we finished at 6pm.

I heated the left over pizza and we just sat in our recliners before going to bed early. 


Gypsy said...

So sorry to hear about your "mishap". Is it something that will be relatively easy to fix? And then to not even get a decent breakfast!

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Were here at the motorhome factory getting some of my Opppses painted over and polished out of the sides of our rig! So life has some of these times in it, grin and bear it and move right along. Your not the first nor will you be the last. So your normal in every way! Have a good summer!

Bob and Vicky said...

Hey Jessie don't feel bad been there done that!!!! Sometimes a person just get forgetfull - I tell Vicky too much on my mind!

Bob said...

Yes, we too feel your pain. It could have been worse! Welcome to the 'other things on your mind' club!

Mark and Dortha said...

Think we have all used those 3 words before.

Glad to hear you are settled in at Lake George. Maybe, just maybe we might see you this summer.