Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, January 15 - Go Ravens!!! (Mercedes, TX)


Starting with Friday …

Ed called me in the morning asking for some help getting his pictures from South Africa on Facebook. I got a quick shower then walked over to their rig to see what I could do to help.

I thought I knew just how to do it, but the tab on his Facebook page to upload photos was blacked out. If he clicked on it, it worked but not quite the same, but we figured it out.

When I came back home Jesse decided to take a walk. It was windy outside so I decided not to go with him.

While he was gone friends (Jim and Jacque) knocked on the door. We had met them at Amazon. They were friends with another couple (Bob and Kathy) that were staying just a few streets over from us. Jim and Jacque drove in from Aransas Pass for a few days to visit along with another couple Larry and Sandy.

We made plans to meet them for dinner at Golden Corral. We enjoyed the buffet and the company. After eating the ladies went to do a little shopping and the guys were going back to Bob and Kathy’s 5th wheel to have a drink and talk RV’s.

I decided to skip the shopping not wanting to leave Mr. B for too long. He seems to have snapped back some. He is eating and drinking on his own again, but still very wobbly when walking.


Jesse worked on putting the under belly back up on the RV, we have not had anymore leaks.

I did laundry and straightened up our home.

About lunch time I got the call I was expecting from Jacque to meet the girls at the Outlet stores for some girl time. They had all been to the flea market.

We all walked around mostly window shopping. Fossil was having a 50% off their purses and Jacque and Sandy purchased one.

We all made purchases at Bath & Body Works.

When we were finished shopping we went back to the resort to get the guys and headed west on 83 to have dinner at Wallbangers. Bob and Kathy rode with us which gave us a chance to get to know each other better. I think we enjoyed our burgers, fries and drinks.

When we got back to the resort we met down at the library to play cards. We played a card game they called the Canadian game. It was very similar to hand and foot. Jim won, but I think everyone enjoyed the fun and we laughed a lot.


Jim and Jacque


Sandy and Larry


Bob and Kathy


We got home walked the boys and watched TV for a little before going off to bed.



The BIG thing today is to watch the RAVENS!!




Speedy said...

We are in South Louisiana and the temps are great. I will be spending some time outside for sure and hope to get some work done on the MH. Keep posting we love to hear from you both.

Joe and Sherri

Gypsy's Tales said...

Glad to hear Mr B has picked up some. So hard to not know what is wrong! Are you going to Escapade?
Barb & Bob