Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, January 12 - Leak or no leak (Mercedes, TX)


You may remember that we had a leak during the summer. Jesse dropped the belly of the RV to try and locate it. He had to replace the insulation, but never really found the problem.

Well the leak is back. So he spent all morning try to locate it again. He was in contact with a local RV repair guy in the park who tried to give him pointers on what to look for.

The result; he thinks he found a small leak in the convenience center that was dripping. We were lucky this time that it didn’t get the insulation wet. So far there had been no more dropping.

We have not gotten a good “Dish” signal since we have been here, so Jesse decided to try something to improve the signal. Well he made it worse and couldn’t get zoned in on it at all.

It’s okay because they have a good cable TV here at the resort, but we can’t record anything.

Mr. B had been doing pretty good, but today he started to become very weak again today. He wouldn’t eat or drink and he couldn’t walk without falling.

We let him just sleep hoping he would feel better. I forced him to take water by giving him water with an eye dropper. Towards evening he took a little food (less then a teaspoon full) and a little water on his own. He also urinated outside once.

Prayers accepted and appreciated for our little guy!



dreamjosie said...

Sorry to hear that Mr. B is not doing so well. Our thoughts are with you. Hope he gets better.

Michael and Dee said...

We have had our fair share of leaks. All fixed now, thank goodness. Hope you get yours fixed soon. Check out our page about our leaks.