Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 11 - Catching up (Mercedes, TX)


Okay I know it’s been a week. So I will start with:

Thursday, Jan. 5th

Happy Birthday Jesse!

We just hung out at home during the morning, then we met Roger and Joyce, Ed and Marilyn, and Bob and Janet at Cheddars for lunch.


We all were very cozy in a booth, but had a good lunch and laughed so much that the foursome across from us wanted to join in “saying we were having too much fun”.

Afterward Jesse and Ed went one way and Marilyn and I went another. The boys went to Best Buy before returning to the Resort, while Marilyn and I went to Hobby Lobby, TJ Max and Walmart, then home.

Friday, Jan. 6th

We went to the grocery store and we sat outside the Dray’s for happy hour.

Saturday, Jan. 7th and Sunday, Jan. 8th

We really didn’t do anything note worthy. Just hung out at home, did laundry, visited with our friends. (Really interesting stuff, isn’t it.) We had happy hour at Bob and Janet’s on Saturday.


Monday, Jan 9th

Ed’s friends Dave and Judy came to visit from Missouri. We all went to lunch at the Blue Onion. We enjoyed our meal and the company. We all met again at Ed’s for happy hour and laughed some more.


Tuesday, Jan 10th

We enjoyed our morning with coffee and computers. I have been playing “words with friends” on Facebook and have been hooked on it. Jesse made us some breakfast of eggs and toast.

After I was done I left to have a  beauty day. I got a mani/pedi and then got my hair cut which is now short again.

Jesse was at home waiting for the guys to come and wash and wax our rig which needed it badly.

It looked so good when I got home I thought the Kram-a-lot looked better then I did.

We arranged to go to Olive Garden for dinner. Bob and Janet rode with us while Ed took Dave and Judy. We had a very good meal and enjoyed ourselves.




Jesse and I went shopping. We drove to Harlingen and our 1st stop was Chick-fil-a for an early lunch. Then we went to Kohl's, Target, and Big Lots. We managed to spend some money in each place.

Then we went to a local RV place so we could purchase an anode rod for the water heater. We asked them if they knew of someone that could install flooring in our RV.

They did and we rode the short distance to the business. We talked with a sales person and arranged to have someone come and give us and estimate.

After returning to the Resort we had happy hour at our place.

We just relaxed at home for the rest of the evening.

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Speedy said...

Seems like in this life leave the RV you spend money? We are just staying at home now...can't afford to leave! LOL

Joe and Sherri