Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 4 - Getting Set-up (Mercedes, TX)


Monday we planned a cookout at Dan and Pat’s space. I made pasta salad, and took chicken breast to put on the grill. Kit and Jerry brought condiment's and burgers. Pat made beans and rice, burgers and a delicious smore dessert casserole.



Eck and Dee came over to have a drink with us, but didn’t stay for dinner.


We had a very nice time while we visited with our friends on the Fort and are looking forward to our next visit.


Tuesday we left at 7am, drove 336 miles and arrived at Llano Grande Lake Resort at 2pm. We got checked in then made our way to our site. I hardly got out of the car and Marilyn was walking over to greet us.

It was so good to see her and we visited for a short while. Then Ed appeared, he was in the shower when we arrived, and we got hugs from him. They went home so we could get set-up and told us to come over as soon as we were ready.

We walked over to the Drays with a drink in hand. We sat and relaxed and got caught up. We were joined by Bob and Janet, Henry and Pam, and Ted and Sue.

They cooked hot dogs on the grill, with all the fixins, along with beans I brought the leftover pasta salad from yesterday to share.

We all enjoyed getting to know each other and laughed while Ed’s told us about the practical joke from the other day.

At home Jesse and I just relaxed in front of the TV.


Today we computered while having coffee.

Then we got showers and finished our set up. Jesse did his outside stuff while I put out the things that make our rig look and fell like a home.

Marilyn came by to visit just as we were having a bite to eat. She stayed and talked with us while we ate. After she returned home I watched a little TV then the boys and I went outside to sit in the sun with Jesse while he was servicing our bikes to get them aired up and ready to ride.

Ed and Marilyn came over to sit with us for a while with a drink.

After they went home I made Jesse and I some dinner and we watched a movie after.

We are so glad to be here with our friends and look forward to the next 2 months.


Michael and Dee said...

What a lovely relaxing day! Love this lifestyle, don't you?

Gypsy's Tales said...

Glad you have arrived and are getting some down time (recovery??) happy Birthday Jesse!!

John and Carol said...

It sure is great to spend time with special friends. Enjoy your tome together.