Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, January 22 – Week Gone By (Mercedes, TX)


Monday 1/16

We enjoyed our coffee and time on the computer this morning. Buddy needed a hair cut, so I called a place close to the Resort. They could take him today, so Jesse got cleaned up to take him.

While he was out he got the truck inspected and washed. While Jesse was gone I made some Smores from the recipe that Pat gave me. Jesse came home and we just hung out until the call that Buddy was ready.

I was sitting outside when they returned and was I shocked. They shaved Buddy, SHAVED!!

Buddy as a puppy

Babby Buddy

Groomed correctly




We were invited to Bob and Janet’s for dinner tonight, along with Ed and Marilyn and Hank and Pam. He had smoked some pork in his smoker and they made pulled pork. They served beans and chips with it. It was all yummy!!

Fore dessert I brought the smores, but the big hit was Bob’s homemade butter pecan ice cream and Janet’s cake. The evening was entertaining listening to Hanks stories.

Tuesday 1/17

Today we decided that we would take our sheets and rugs to the laundry here at the Resort. We had purchased new sheets while shopping last week. So we got all the laundry done while we were there.

We had happy hour at Ed and Marilyn’s along with Bob and Janet.

Wednesday 1/18

Today was our 1st trip to Mexico this year.  We met Joyce and Roger in the parking lot and the 8 of us made our way through the border gates. The pictures help tell the story of our day.


Our 1st stop was in front of the Nuevo Progreso sign.


The next stop was the bakery to have coffee and pastries and listen to the mariachi’s.


We window shopped in some of the stores as we walked the streets.


Marilyn wanted to get a pedicure so I sat with her while Joyce and Janet went off in search of a thread store.

Not sure what the guys did, but they stopped by the salon to let us know they were going to Red Snapper and we should meet them there when we were done.



We had lunch and conversation all was good.

Thursday 1/19

Jesse and I decided to go shopping for the tables we have been looking for. We found one that we liked at Kirkland’s.. We are not sure if we are going to use it as an end table or a storage unit on the other side of the island.

We had happy hour at our place tonight. We are really looking forward to tomorrow because we are getting our new floor installed.

Friday 1/20

They arrived about 9:15am. We had gotten everything moved off the floor.








Jesse stayed home with the boys during the day while Marilyn and I went shopping. Ed was so kind and went out to get Jesse lunch, thanks so much!

Heinz and Irene arrived and we had happy hour at Ed and Marilyn’s. It was so nice to see these friends again and we look forward to having fun with them.

We really like the floor very much.

Saturday 1/21

Jesse and I went back to Marshalls because while I was there yesterday I saw another table I liked. He wanted to see it before we purchased it. When we got there the table was gone, it was already sold but we did purchase the chair I liked.


Everyone came by to see what the floor looks like and it was nice having people visit even it was for a short time. We had happy hour at Heinz and Irene’s.

Jesse and I went out for Blizzards to bring home and watch one of the movies from Mexico.

Sunday 1/22


Jesse is looking forward to watching the game today. I am doing laundry and writing this journal.

Maybe I will not have to post another week long journal, we will see!

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Gypsy's Tales said...

Shaved is right!!! Poor Buddy is he in hiding?? New floor looks great and the chair is a nice addition - sorry about the table but you will find the right one.
Glad you are busy and having fun
Hugs to you both, Barb & Bob