Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, July 29 - Travel Day Back to USA Day One (Vanderhoof BC, Canada)


We left Stewart at 8:45am this morning, which was 15 minutes earlier then our agreed departure of 9am.

We stopped in Vanderhoof, BC Canada at Dave’s RV Park at 4:30pm. Which makes 7 3/4 hours on the road. YUK!

Very nice park if you are in the area.


We planned to do a rest stop tonight but were unable to find one that allowed overnight camping.

We saw a moose and 2 deer while traveling. We were in the lead so sorry no pictures.

We stopped in Kitwanga to stretch our legs. They were suppose to have totem poles there but we never seen any. There was a nice park there and I got some pictures. Pretty flowers too.




The drive today was more interesting then most. Lots of small towns.  This town looked like it could be anywhere USA except most towns don’t have a glacier for a view.






Houston is home of the World's Largest Fly Rod. It was the brainchild of local resident and avid fly fisherman, Warner Jarvis, and was installed on May 5, 1990. The 60 foot long rod is constructed entirely of aluminum and is anodized bronze to simulate graphite. At 800 pounds, with a reel diameter of 36 inches, the rod was machined in six local machine shops, with material and labor contributed by 41 local companies. Fund-raising for the project involved selling shares of the rod, which conferred ownership of one centimeter of the rod to the shareholder. The $5 shares are still available at the Houston Visitor Centre, which displays the rod in Steelhead Park.045








Once we were set up I warmed leftover for dinner. I did the dished and posted this blog while Jesse went into town to get fuel and pick a few things up at the grocery store.

Until tomorrow have a NICE EVENING!!


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Trent and Teresa said...

Hey, are you cutting your trip short, or is this still part of the plan.

It seems like you just got here, and are heading back already!!

Mind you, it is almost August...time sure goes fast.

Safe travels ... TnT