Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, October 10 – COLD – COLD !!!


We left Garden City about 9:15 in the morning. Jesse didn’t unhook the truck so our departure was easy. We decided to stop at a truck stop just up the road for breakfast. We didn’t buy fuel here, you can see how high it was.


We got back on the road at 10:30am and traveled US 50 west 207 miles into Boone, Colorado and arrived at 1:30pm Mountain time.

We found DJ and Colt out in the field cutting and bailing hay.

IMG_0417 IMG_0420 They stopped to say hello and get some hugs. It was so good to see them.

They have added on to their house and it is not quite finished. They were showing us the progress. This will be their new living room.

IMG_0422 Then we went outside to decide where we were going to park the Kram-a-lot. DJ had cleared space on the side of the house and had a 30 amp plug put in.

IMG_0425 After we got plugged in and I got somewhat set up, Beth came over to visit. I had missed spending time with her so I let all the set up wait.

We decided to go into Fowler to get some dinner. The food was good the service was mediocre at best.

Adam and Kim were going to come over, but it didn’t work out as planned, so we have to wait until tomorrow to see them.


We got up to 26 degrees and freezing rain. It was very cold and when Jesse came back with the boys from their morning walk they were all covered with ice. You could see it on Bayer’s fur.

We had coffee and then went to the house to have breakfast of bacon and French toast. Ryan and Kacie are at their Father’s this weekend, so we have to wait until Sunday to see them.

We had decided to eat in today, so Beth and I when to the store for supplies while Jesse and DJ layed the floor in their living room.

IMG_0428 It is really beginning to come together. They are going to have such a nice space when they are finished.

I made Spaghetti Amore, while Beth put together a salad. Once Adam, Kim, and Gage got there it was hugs all around again. They also had Kim’s two nieces with them.

Gage, Regan and Erin

IMG_0427 Colt fell asleep in the chair

IMG_0432 We got to meet Kim and spend some time to get to know her. They plan to get married May 22, 2010.

IMG_0426 Adam is doing well with his recuperation, he still has about 10 more days of wearing the collar before being weaned off it.

We ate and had a fun filled night of visiting.

Grampy was getting into trouble with Gage and Regan - he is just a big kid at heart.

IMG_0434 Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Arlene said...

So nice to enjoy family time.. Have a great visit..

Bob and Molly said...

Sorry it's cold there, but I know it's nice to see your family! Enjoy your time! Loved your adventures in Hannibal...such a great place and you had the BEST tour guides!!! :)

Ellie and Jim said...

Glad you made it safely...Have a great family visit...Hugs...Jim & Ellie