Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, July 16 - They Have Arrived & we are Having Fun with Friends Again



Ed and Marilyn arrived around 11:45 this morning and I was so thrilled. I was returning from walking the boys when I saw Ed pull around and park their rig. Then I saw Marilyn walking up towards their site. The boys and I ran to give her a great big hug, then we hugged again.

It was just a relief having them here. I took the boys home got some water and walked up to their site.  I know, I know I am suppose to give them time to get set up, but I was just so happy they were here that I couldn’t wait to see Ed and get my overdue hugs.

Ed got things set up and Marilyn and I visited. Then I got the tour of their new home..It is beautiful! I am very sure they are going to love this Mobile Suites as much as their old one in time, it’s very warm and comfy.

Jesse also came by with the boys. He was done for the day and we sat and visited for a short while, before I went home to prepare for work which was steady, just the way I like it.


Today I opened the office at 7:00 am. It was rather slow day. We only had 3 check-in and not a lot of phone calls, it was nice for a change of pace, I had lots of visitors dropping by which made the day go by fast.

After I got off I prepared some snacks for the cocktail gathering we were hosting. I made Sangria to drink, brie cheese puffed pastry with apricot jam and walnuts, mozzarella/tomatoes/basil and olive oil, and baked spicy chick peas. I had invited Ed and Marilyn, Steve and Cathy, Ken and Jean and Tony (unfortunately Jackie was working).

It was a very hot day and even with a light breeze it was very warm sitting outside in the shade today. While we were sitting there the area lost power. I guess it was out for about 90 minutes.

We were all planning on going into Penrose for dinner at Goose Berry Patch (Jesse new favorite place to eat) (or maybe to have dessert?). LOL

Steve and Cathy didn’t join us for cocktails, because they were picking Steve’s sister-in-law up at the airport, she was visiting for a few days, but the three of them joined us for dinner.

We enjoyed the company so much. It was so good to have friends around again to laugh with and just enjoy being together.

It was such a good day, and Ed and Marilyn we are so happy to have you here with us….LIFE IS GOOD!

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures!!!

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