Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, July 28 - New A/C and Busy, Busy at Work



I open the store at 8:00am and the next thing I knew Jackie was there and it was 1PM. I was busy, busy, busy and I loved it.

While I was at work Fred installed our new A/C in the bedroom… It’s cool in here!!! Love it!!!!

I made turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and cream corn for dinner. We had a rain storm that lasted about 40 minutes. After the storm we walked up to Ed and Marilyn’s to sit outside. Jackie and Tony along with Jean joined us and the conversation was steady.

Back at home we watched Big Brother and relax.


Today I filled out all the paper work to register our car, then went to the lounge to call Texas to be sure I had what I needed. I spoke to a vey nice lady who was most helpful.

Again at work today I as very busy and I couldn’t believe it was 6:00 before I knew it, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. When I returned home Jesse and I sat outside with a glass of wine while we grilled some brats for him. Before we were finished we were forced in because of rain.

It rained for about 1 hour. Because of the rain we have had recently, we were happy because now the fire ban has been lifted so we can have campfires! I know that is going to make Ed happy!!

Just a couple of days in the mountains!

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Bob and Vicky said...

See you r registering you vehicle in TX - able to do it online? How do they handle the car inspection that is required in TX? We want to get ours done too but were thinking we need to wait till we get back in December.