Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, July 14 - Groomer, Shopping and more Shopping


Tuesday was suppose to be a day off, but Mary Nell was not feeling well so I worked for her. Just 5 hours 1-6 and it was steady, just the way I like it.

Wednesday was just another day I opened. Jesse and Jacob worked on building a rock wall all day..hard work for my guy.

Not much to write about on work days. We get home and sit outside for a while, I make dinner, Jesse does the dishes and we relax in front of the TV. Jesse mostly surfs while keeping an eye on the TV.

Today was our day off. We were dressed and ready to leave the house by 8:15 heading to Pueblo. The boys had an appointment with Kristie their groomer, at 9:00am.

After dropping them off we went to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. Our next stop was for fuel.

It is so nice driving around town in our car. Not that I don’t like our truck, after all it pulls our home. It is just nice moving around in the car and much better on the finances.

Next stop was the dollar store where we picked up a few items.

Then on to Walmart to shop for food. Kristie called to say the boys were ready as soon as we got in there. I informed her it would be about 40 minutes and she said “I will tell them”. LOL

Once the groceries were purchased we picked up the boys and headed home. After everything was put away we sat down to relax. We took a walk down to the office to have an ice cream.

Then Jesse got an email saying that the canopy that we wanted was in stock at the Walmart in Canon City and it was on sale!

We headed back down the road and purchased the canopy. Unfortunately they didn’t have the screens in stock. After returning home again Jesse decided to set it up. We had it up and secured in quick time and sitting under with a drink.




I grilled chicken for dinner and made a Caesar salad and warmed some bread.

Tomorrow Ed and Marilyn will arrive, we are very excited to see them!!

Another good day in the mountains.

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