Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, July 17 - Day Off and Fun Gathering


Jackie and I planned a dinner to welcome Ed and Marilyn. There were a total of 11 and we met at Jackie and Tony’s site at 5PM for cocktails.




We all sat around talking and laughing, just enjoying the outdoors and each other. It was very hot today 98 degrees, but there was a light breeze and it had cooled off some.


Gucci was having a good time also.


Finally Jesse and Tony with Ed supervising got the grills going and they grilled chicken. Both Jackie and I had been marinating chicken most of the day mine in wine and garlic mix and she made peri-peri chicken.


Grilled peaches



We each made side dishes, while Jean made the best strawberry pie I have ever tasted. She was very upset and wasn’t going to share because it didn’t set up the way she wanted, but we all talked her into sharing anyway. It was delicious.



While we were eating we had some visitors. They were a little scared with all the people, but their thirst won out. How often to you get this kind of scenery while you are having dinner with great friends.



Things broke up after dessert and everyone went back to their own sites.

We had recorded Big Brother so we watched that after getting things put away before going off to bed.

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squawmama said...

Fun being with friends enjoying great food... but you are so right the scenery can't be beat!
Have fun & Travel safe