Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, July 7 - Finally Rain (CS, CO)


Tuesday was the busiest day at the office I have had since I came to work here. The phones never stopped the whole day. People in and out of the office along with many people checking in. The RV’s were lined up from the office to the entrance. Thanks to Charlie who came to help me and I was very thankful!

Once Jackie came in I still had calls to return and paperwork to finish. I guess she also had a busy evening.

Wednesday I worked 12-6. Things were back to normal steady but not crazy.

Today was my day off. I got showered and dress and headed to Canon City to get a few groceries. I hadn’t had anything to eat so I stopped in Subway and got a foot long to bring home and share with Jesse.

After putting away the perishables I took the boys for their afternoon walk. Jesse still wasn’t home when we returned. He planned to try and get off at lunch time so we could go for a ride in the Mazda.

I sat down to eat my lunch and he came in just as I was finishing. He sat and ate his lunch, took a shower and the five of us took off. The boys seemed to like the new car just fine. As usual Buddy and Mr. B laid down and went to sleep and Bayer sat in the middle between the front seat and watched out the windshield.

We stopped at Dairy Queen in Canon City for a milkshake.

We took a ride to the Royal Gorge. We had not planned on going in and it’s a good thing because it had started to rain.


It rained a little on the way back to the Campground. We saw signs that we had gotten some at the campground, which we needed, but it was not raining now.

Jesse walked the boys and I ironed our clothes for dinner.  All of a sudden the skies opened up and dumped lots of rain on us. We were meeting the family in Pueblo for dinner at Carino's Italian restaurant and it rained the whole way there. we saw lots of lightening.

This was sort of a celebration. DJ was accepted in the voluntary fire department, which can lead to a permanent position which is something he really wants, also Beth’s new job at Kaiser Permanente, which she really likes.

I took these pictures with my phone camera so they are not real good.



My food was just okay, most thought the food was good, but the service was terrible!!!!  It will be a long time before we go back there. The worst part, because we were a large group they added 18% gratuity to our bill and the service was barley worth 10%.

It was after 9 by the time we got home. We had recorded Big Brother, so we watched the show. I think it will be a fun summer!

As Ed would say “Life is good”.

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squawmama said...

Glad you got some much needed rain... we need it here too! Guess you can always say you had good company at dinner even if the food was only ok!
Have fun & Travel safe