Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, July 20 - Work and Shopping


Today I worked 8-1. It was not real busy, but even when we are not too busy, we have a steady flow of guests and residents coming by to check their mail, buy drinks and ice, or just say hello.

After work I went into Canon City to have a prescription refilled and do a little shopping. The cars thermostat read 100 degrees! It has really been hot, so much for cool days in the mountains.

After putting the groceries away I started dinner. I made chicken fajita and a refried beans mixed with a can of southwestern corn.

We relaxed after dinner until bed time.

Tuesday was my day off. Jesse worked a couple hours in the morning.

I went into CS to have my nails done. After returning we drove by to pick up Ed and Marilyn and headed into Manitou Spring. We had lunch at Adam’s Mountain Café.


Ed and Marilyn




We had a wonderful time spending some quality time with Ed and Marilyn, and the food was pretty good too. After we finished our meal Marilyn and I walked around some of the shops. The Olive Tap, The Kitchen Store and a few others.

Ed and Jesse went for ice cream and not sure what else. We were at the car at the agreed time and then headed to Gold Camp Road to take a drive.

The scenic drive was enjoyed by all, but we could really see that we need rain!

We stopped at Helen Hunt Falls for a few pictures and stretch our legs.


I didn’t have my camera so these pictures were taken with my iPhone.



It was a fun day and so nice to spend time with our friends again. Looking forward to many more happy times for the rest of the summer.

Our next adventure is on Friday…so there is more to come.

Until then be safe and hugs to all!

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Bob and Lynda said...

Glad the E&M and G&J team are back together again! enjoy