Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, August 1 - Gage for the Weekend


Friday I worked until 9PM..It was not real busy for a change, but not too bad.


Saturday I opened as usual, again it was not too busy, but we were full. After I got off I changed clothes and freshened up and got off my feet for 10 minutes.

Then Jesse and I headed to Pueblo. Our 1st stop was for fuel, then on to the bank. We then went to Big 5 Sporting Goods to look for shoes for Jesse. He found two pairs of work boots, one pair was on sale, so I suggested he get both and he did.

Once we were finished paying for our purchases we drove over to Texas Road House. We were meeting Adam, Kim and Gage there for dinner. We were a bit early (surprise, surprise, Jesse is early for everything) so we waited just a short while for them to arrive.

We had a very nice time spending quality time with the three of them. The neatest part was we were bringing Gage back home with us. He was spending the night with us, Adam and Kim were participating in a golf tournament on Sunday.  

We got home just in time to walk the boys then walked down to the ice cream social. Jesse and Gage took their bowls and had dessert. Ed and Marilyn were there so  they were able to met Gage.

Back home we sat outside for awhile, then went in to watched some TV. I pumped up the air mattress and before too long Gage was asleep. It wasn’t too much longer and Jesse and I were also in bed.


Sunday Gage slept in until 8:15, but was up in time to walk to the office to get a donut. While Jesse and Gage were gone I started to cook breakfast.

I made bacon, eggs, toast and juice. We sat outside in our screened in canopy to eat. After that I got my shower while Gage had made friends with Megan who lives here with her Mother and Jacob one of the workers here. Megan is a nice young lady who is eleven and was also happy to have someone to play with even if he is only 8. They played pool, rode bikes, and played games on Megan’s phone.

After I was cleaned up we decided to go to a movie. We invited Megan to go with us. We saw Cowboys and Aliens which was slower then I expected and very strange.

It cost for 2 seniors, 2 children .. snacks - each child got a drink and junior popcorn, and Jesse and I shared a medium drink and popcorn and the cost was $50.00. Unbelievable!!!! 

After we returned home we just hung out until time to make dinner.  I made the boys hot dogs, beans and noodles, I had my leftovers from last night.

We left about 6:00 pm to go into Canon City to shop at Walmart and Adam and Kim were picking Gage up from there.

It was fun spending time with Gage, he is quite a character.


Today I did laundry, and made a doctors appointments. Went to work at 1:00 and was steady. After getting off I came home made dinner and then relaxed.

Another few days in the mountains. We have still had hot temps during the days, but showers most evenings and it cools off.

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Lynda and Bob said...

Movie price WOW! Makes me feel good to rent a movie here at Jojoba for 50 cents!