Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, August 29 - Another work day (CS, CO)


After getting up and having coffee I did some more laundry, and straighten up around the house.

Marilyn was going to Walmart a stopped by to see of I needed anything, so I asked them to pick up some bread for us.

When she returned she came in to give me her opinion on the floor tile sample we brought home. She thought we did a good job and thinks it will look really good.

I made fish cakes for dinner cutting up celery and onions to add with can tuna and salmon, 1 egg, old bay seasoning, hand full of bread crumbs, mayonnaise and mustard. I made 4 large cakes and put them in the fridge to marry together.

I walked the boys then got ready for work. It was very slow, but kept busy helping David with a few bookkeeping items and phone calls.

After work I fried the fish cakes in a small amount of vegetable oil, baked some curly fries I had in the freezer and steamed some broccoli and called it dinner.

After dinner we sat in our recliners watching TV until bed time.

Just another day in the Colorado mountains, a beautiful weather today, temps were mid 80’s.


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