Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, August 3 - Not too exciting (CS, CO)


Tuesday was our day off. I got up and got a shower and went off to Colorado Springs to get a mani/pedi. While I was gone Jesse went in to Penrose to get a hair cut.

After I returned I hadn’t eaten and was hungry, so we walked the boys up towards the high rent district to see if Ed and Marilyn would like to join us for lunch at Panera Breads.

They said yes and walked down to our site and we all took off to the Springs.

We shared conversation, lunch and laughs, it was so nice to have some time to share with them. After we were all finished we drove back to the camp ground.

Jesse and I relaxed at home. We hoped the rain would hold off until later in the evening, because we had invited E&M down for cocktails. I had cut up some veggies and cantaloupe to share with our friends.

Jesse built a fire to sit around and we all had to move around the fire several times because the smoke was too much, it seemed to follow Ed mostly.

We talked about a lot of different subjects, but the one that made us laugh the most was about our fur kids, aka “The Boys”. Ed said he was missing out on all that fun. Ha ha LOL.

It started to sprinkle and the flies were biting so we moved under the screened canopy. Before long we were even getting wet inside because it was raining hard.

Jesse drove E&M home, so they wouldn’t get too wet and I cleaned up the snacks.

Jesse and I relaxed in front of our computers and TV for the evening.

It was a good day with special friends and we look forward to many, many more.


squawmama said...

Always fun sharing a meal with friends!
Have fun

Shirley said...

The old saying is smoke follows beauty, but an old Louisana man told us smoke follows a stinky butt!