Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 7 – Time with Friends (CS,CO)


I guess I need to catch up, although not much happened to blog about on Thursday and Friday. I closed both days and I was busy. I got visits from Boo Boo along with her Mom (Jo) and Dad (Fred). She is such a sweet beautiful little girl and just full of spunk.

I opened on Saturday as usual.

Jesse leveled our rig again, as it had settled and was in need of attention. He also made me some eggs and toast and brought it down for me. That was very sweet of him and a complete surprise!

When I got off and returned home I got a shower and cleaned up to go to dinner with Jo and Fred. We walked down to their site and sat outside having a drink while watching all the birds around her feeders. We went to Carrabba’s and had a very nice meal with great company.

On Sunday we were invited to a fish fry at Ed and Marilyn’s along with Jo, Fred, Jackie and Tony.  It was wonderful sitting outside with a light breeze in the shade with friends. Ed fried catfish fillets that were huge and very good.

We all brought a side dish, I made brown rice with peas, onions and basil. Jackie brought roasted vegetables and Jo made a quinoa and black bean salad. Everything was delicious!

I didn’t take my camera so you need to look at the pictures and Ed and Marilyn’s blog.

Jesse and I just relaxed at home in the A/C with the boys after we returned home. It was a quick fun filled weekend with friends.

Jo and Fred are departing tomorrow and we wish them safe travels!


Happy Birthday5

To David, Mitchell and Joyce!! Hope you all have GREAT day’s




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Speedy said...

I guess the weather up there has been warm? Sounds like you are enjoying all the folks there. Wish we could be a part of the that. We are in Arkansas on the Arkansas River. It has cooled some here with the rain we had.

Joe and Sherri