Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, August 24 - It’s been a week


I will try to give a our readers a brief overview of the past week, no boring stuff about work..

We spent an evening with Mark and Dortha  at Jackie and Tony’s.

It was a good meal and fun time relaxing after work with friends laughing and telling stories..


The guysIMG_0220

The food..YUM


Miss Gucci..she is so sweet and cute..


We went to our daughters to help Colt celebrate his 6th birthday! The theme was “Transformers”, the cake made by our talented daughter-in-law Kim!


Colt and his Daddy



Having fun with the Piñata


Then we had the family over for a cookout and to meet Ed and Marilyn!

Colt came with a horse, very cute.


The big guys also had to get in on the fun


Ed played ladder golf with Colt


It was a really nice afternoon with family and good friends and lets not forget the good eats!

On Tuesday Marilyn and I went into town to shop at the mall. Everyone got something new because we found ourselves and our guys something. We had lunch and lingered after the food was gone just talking. Marilyn is much fun to be with I really enjoy her company. We told each other stories about when we were young and we laughed out loud.

I broke my glasses (the frames) the other day and was very glad I had saved my pervious pair. I could see with them pretty good, but the lens are scratched badly.

SO….After work on Wednesday I went into Canon City to see about getting new frames. The technician was very persistent and must have tried about 50 frames and finally found one that would work! They will be fine until we get back to Baltimore in the Spring when I will have my eyes examined and get new glasses.

Hope everyone is feeling loved today, Hugs from me to you!!


squawmama said...

What a great week...
Have fun

Speedy said...

How are the Temps there? We just have to find a place next year to hide from this heat!