Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 28 - Our splurge in more ways then one (CS, CO)


Yesterday after I got off of work we drove into the Springs. Our first stop was for lunch at Red Robin. I had a teriyaki grilled chicken sandwich and Jesse had a bacon cheese burger.

Then we went to Home Depot. We are looking to replace our carpet with a linoleum floor. Jesse also wants to replace our day/night shades with mini blinds.

We also purchased a new ceiling fan to replace the one that came with the RV. It always rattled and wiggled.

After we returned home we relaxed and then walked down to the lodge to join the ice cream social.

Today was the day that we have planned with Ed and Marilyn for over a year.

We were going to the Sunday Brunch Buffet at The Broadmoor Hotel.


We arrived and walked around the beautiful grounds and gardens





We stopped walking and sat outside the bar area and had a glass of wine, while some had beer. We talked about the different cruises we have taken with Jackie and Tony cruising the most  - 20 some times.

The three of us women decided to go to the ladies room and walked out the front balcony and a guy offered to take our picture.


When we returned they called us to lunch and WOW, what a lunch!!


Made to order omelets, bacon, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy and sausage. many different kinds of pastries, mini bagels, many chesses and many spreads. Devine shrimp, fruit, baked ham, salmon, lamb, prime rib, tuna, mashed potatoes and gravy, tenderloin of pork, some kind of chicken, and oysters on the half shell to name a few of the items.

There was sooo much food and everything I tasted was really good. I tried to have a little of everything except the things I don’t like, like oysters…I told Jackie she could have my share and she did as she loves them.

Desserts … there were too many to list, here’s my plate, can you tell I like chocolate!


Jackie is having a birthday soon and they gave her a delicious chocolate moose with a candle in it.


We sat and enjoyed coffee after all our food was consumed before saying goodbye to Jackie and Tony.

Ed, Marilyn, Jesse and I walked to the valet to get our car and back to camp we went. Dropped Ed and Marilyn off and we went home. I started more laundry and Jesse decided to put up our new fan. The old one is down and in pieces.


The new one is up … looks beautiful and doesn’t wiggle or wobble.


The rest of the day was sitting in our recliners computering and watching TV.

A wonderful day with friends!


Speedy said...

Good job...looking good.

Tom and Marci said...

What a fun day! Food looks great! I'll have to jump on over to Ed's blog to get a look at his plate!

squawmama said...

Wow the food looked great and the women looked lovely!!!
Have fun & Travel safe