Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, August 17 - Errands Lunch with Friends


Monday was a normal work day I worked 1-6, it was rather slow in the office.

Tuesday was our day off. We had an appointment for the boys to see Kristie to be groomed. So at 7:45 we headed to Pueblo. The boys like going there. It’s funny as soon as we open the door they all just head right for the kennel she always puts them in, just like they are programed.

After dropping them off we went to Walmart and had a breakfast sandwich at Subway and Jesse picked up some movies he ordered through the “Red Box”.

Then it was on to the bank where we had some things to take care of.

After that we drove by to look at our old house. Not much had change since we moved, they planted a few bushes, and we were pleased to see that they kept up with the grass and it looked good.

We stopped by the package goods store for some provisions we needed to replenish our beverage refrigerator.

Our next stop was to go by and see the guys at “One Ton Sheet Metal” where I use to work. We sat for a while and visited with them and got caught up with what’s happening.

By this time the boys were ready, so we picked them up and headed back to Mountaindale.

When got home Jesse walked the boys and I put all our items away and we headed up to pick up Ed and Marilyn. We were meeting Jim and Ellie and Mark and Dortha in Colorado Springs for lunch.

This was our lunch spot for today.


We had a wonderful fun filled lunch with much conversations and a good time was had by all.

I even think Marilyn was having a good time although it looks like she was taking a nap, I assure you see was not.


After we returned to the campground again. Dropped Ed and Marilyn off at the office so they could call Jennifer and we went home to the boys.

We watched two of the 3 movies Jesse had rented. “Limitless and Unknown”, they were pretty good.

Wednesday I opened, I was a little busier then Monday. After work I drove into the Springs to get my nails done. I also returned the movies Jesse rented and picked up a few items at King Super.

Once I returned Jesse was already home and and I was hungry. I realized I hadn’t eaten all day, so I prepared dinner and we ate early.

We sat outside with Jackie and Tony for a short time while Jackie was roasting peppers.

At home we watched “Big Brother” and the 3rd movie “No Strings Attached” while relaxing for the evening.

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squawmama said...

Looks like great fun with the gang!!!