Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 15 - Perfect Weekend with Friends and Family (CS, CO)

Saturday I opened the office at 7am.

The group we had staying with us this past week was a lot of fun. They get together in our lounge in the afternoons and evenings and play games. From the sounds I hear coming out of the room they really enjoyed their time together. The laughter is infectious, I love hearing people having fun!

They leave today so they were having their last gathering this morning - breakfast of biscuits and gravy and invited me to join them. It was yummy!

The campground was almost full so we had few check-ins today, so it wasn’t a busy day.

After getting off Jesse and I sat outside enjoying the afternoon. We invited Ed and Marilyn for cocktails and to meet, Elizabeth our daughter, who was spending the evening with us. Her family was all off in different directions for the weekend so we had quality time together which was GREAT!

We were going into the Springs to Macaroni Grill for dinner. We invited Ed and Marilyn to join us, but they declined.

We had a very nice dinner visiting and talking mostly about the children.

After we returned to the campground we walked down to the ice cream social and indulged in some scoops. Back at the Kram-a-lot we sat inside talking about some deep subjects, one was what we believe happens in the afterlife.

It was after 9pm when Beth left for home, we sure enjoyed our time with her.

Sunday we planned to do some shopping at Home Depot and Walmart. We enjoyed our coffee and computers, then I went in to get dressed for the day.

While Jesse was walking the boys Ed stopped by to see if we wanted to join them in a trip to Walmart and lunch. We said sure if they didn’t mind also stopping at Home Depot, so a plan was hatched.

Our 1st stop was Home Depot looking for flooring and window blinds. We found some flooring we liked, but want to look around some more to see all our options. They have a small selection on blinds, so we saw nothing we wanted.

Next stop was Chili’s for lunch. We enjoyed having conservation and laughter with them while having a wonderful lunch.

On to Walmart to do our shopping. We all split up with Marilyn going one way, the guys going another and me a different way. We all ended, meeting up in the produce department then on to the check-out lines.

Back at the park Ed dropped us off at our rig where we unloaded the groceries and I got busy putting them away.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in front of the TV eating our left overs from last night for dinner.

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