Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday May 19, 2008 - Last Working Monday

Today was a work day. Soon I will not have to say that. I had a lot of odds and ends to clean up at work.

Jesse got off at 12:30. He went home to make reservation for our 1st stop in New Mexico. We will spend 2 nights there.

Once I got home Jesse and I readied a few more things in the RV. Jesse had installed the mount for the bedroom TV and wanted to show me his handy work. Good job honey! We also tested the shower and NO leaks, another good job.

I was too tired and sore to do much work tonight. I guess moving the chair and freezer was too much for this old gal.

While I was making dinner I received a call from our realtor and they wanted to show the house tomorrow morning. Of course I said yes, but that meant I needed to straighten up the house.

After all that was done and dinner finished and cleaned up we retired to the family room. We were waiting for our son Adam to arrive. He is cutting the grass and keeping an eye on the house for us while we are gone and we needed to give him a key. I am also giving him 2 of my house plants, to keep and care for, I plan to take the 4 others with us.

When he was there we talked about the baby birds and when we went to the hitch, we didn’t hear anything chirping. Hopefully that means they have left the nest. I will check tonight and get back to everyone that had words of wisdom for us. Thanks for all the help!

Until tomorrow

See you down the road.

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