Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008 - Chores, Errans, and Relaxing

This Saturday started like most others. Jesse got up a little after 5am and I got up at 6am. First thing I did was to sing “Happy Birthday” to Buddy, he is 5 today. He seemed to know that today was special for him.

We had our coffee and went to our computers. I had to do bills this morning and enter our expenses in my spreadsheet. Then I wrote our journal. I write our journal each morning about the day before.

After that a made us breakfast cheese omelets, corned beef hash, biscuits, and jelly. The boys love eggs and somehow know when I crack an egg in the kitchen and they were hovering. They also had eggs for breakfast. After breakfast and clean-up we got busy.

Jesse worked on his “mod” project to attach a tube (holder) under the RV to hold the black hose. He also installed a surge suppressor. I will show pictures another day.

Jesse had mentioned that he thought a bird had made a nest inside the RV hitch and sure enough it had. You could hear the babies chirping away in there. Of course the mama bird didn’t like Jesse being out there. She kept an eye on him and squawked at him often. When he would go to the garage to get something the mama would fly to her babies and check them out. As soon as Jesse would came back she would fly out and squaw some more.

I cleaned out and organized both of our filing cabinets, (we are taking one with us in the RV). I find it amazing how many pens, pencils, markers, note pads, and paper clips two people can accumulate. I had copies of our auto insurance policies from 2000. Needless to say I got rid of quite a lot of stuff and now have additional space in them. I also changed bed linens and started laundry.

After we were done we got showers and dressed to go out. We went to Olive Garden to eat, then did errands. We went to Target to purchase some totes to store things in the RV basement. We also went to the book store. Jesse wanted to get the latest issue of Trailer Life and we wanted to purchase a book called: It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Four-Legged Friend by Justine A. Lee.We have heard that it is very useful and wanted to read it. They didn’t have any copies in stock so I ordered it.

After that we went home changed into comfy clothes and watched the last movie Jesse rented Lions for Lambs. Again Jesse napped through most of it, but I sat through it wishing I could nap.

Signing off wishing everyone a happy Sunday!!

See you down the road.

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