Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, April 6 – Shopping, and Lunch


We sat around this morning having coffee and computering, while listening to it rain outside.

We talked with Kelsey who is on spring break this week. We wanted to make plans for her to come over and visit with us. Hopefully will be able to spend some time with her later in the week. She is such a social butterfly and is always doing something.

She is such a sweet beautiful young girl and her parents are very proud of her and so are we.

We got dressed and met Sondra for lunch. We all had a nice visit and we enjoyed our meal at Chili’s. The sun came out for a short time while we were having lunch.

After we said our goodbye’s to Sondra who was going home to prepare food for Passover, Jesse and I went to Walmart.

Mitch and Margaret are coming over tomorrow for brunch and I needed a few groceries.

After we were home and the groceries were all put away I began preparing lunch for tomorrow.

We watched our usual shows on TV before heading off to bed.

Hopefully it wont rain tomorrow, but it is suppose to be cold.


Anonymous said...

I was going to say doesn't seem like you are doing much cooking these days Ginger.

Our best wishes for a good Pesach to you and your family

Brenda and John

Bob said...

I agree doing nothing is good. Seems like we have been on the go since returning from the UK and our 'to do' list keeps growing. On my 'to do' list tomorrow - I'm getting a massage here at the RV park. Hope it's good.

Lynda and Bob

Joe and Sherri said...

Pesach....OK gotcha...had to look this one up. Well I guess you know I am not Jewish...but then I have never figured out what I am...wonder if I find out I am jewish...