Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, April 2 – Everything is Okay


Our grandson Gage was having his tonsils and adenoids removed today and everything went very well. Adam said he was feeling fine and was eating and drinking and would be going home after a few hours. Adam said the surgery only took about 15 minutes.

We were out the door by 10am because I went to the doctors today about my cough. As those folks that were in the Valley with us know, I have had a persistent cough for several months. Just as I has suspected it was a side effect of my blood pressure medicine, which has now been changed. I had a chest X-ray taken just to be sure.

After my doctor visits, we went to Crackerbarrel for some late breakfast, then on to Walmart to have my prescriptions filled. We also did a little shopping while we were there, then home again.

It was almost 3pm by the time we got home. We had planned to give the boys a bath and start their badly needed grooming, but decided to wait until tomorrow morning.

We relaxed for awhile then I started dinner, I made salad and homemade pizza.

We settle down to watch the final ER. It is always sad when a show that I have watched for so long comes to an end.

Until tomorrow – Stay safe and hugs to ya’all!!


Barb said...

I am truly sad that ER is over. I have watched all the episodes since it began. Right now I am recording tonight's finale as I must get to bed before 11 PM so I'll watch it (and probably cry) another day.

Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you cough will be okay Ginger.

Take Care
Brenda Brown

Joe and Sherri said...

So glad you are getting to see your family. I remember putting my Dad in the home...That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. We all end up there...Wish we could all go to the same home together...wouldn't we have fun???

Joe and Sherri