Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, April 11 – Lunch at Sondra’s


Happy Easter !!

We woke to rain this morning. We were trying to wait for it to stop so we could walk the boys, but it didn’t. At lease with their hair shorter it is easier to clean them up after walking in the rain.

I had thrown out some bread and crackers to the ducks.

DSC00896 One of the birds only had one leg

DSC00893We had our coffee, got dressed and were out the door by 11:00am in the pouring rain.

I wanted to get there a little early to give Sondra a hand. She of course had everything ready and the food was delicious.

DSC00906 She served fried matzo, latkes, matzo, roasted potatoes, broccoli, salmon casserole, zucchini casserole, tuna, egg, and green salads and one of my favorites gefilte fish.

We all enjoyed our food and the company.

I asked Jesse to take the tripod with us so we could get a group photo.

Here’s the Haman family

group close

Here are more pictures from our family day (l-r)Jennifer, Alyssa, Madison and Katie.

DSC00918 Katie will marry into the family in Oct 2010, but we love her already she is a sweetheart.

(l-r) David, Ginger, Margaret, Marilyn and Jennifer

DSC00911 Charles and Sondra

DSC00912We took Mr. B with us, because he can’t hold himself for as long as Bayer and Buddy. So the three of us drove home.

After the boys were fed and walked we relaxed in our recliners until bed time.

Being with family is always a good day and we look forward to another tomorrow.


Debbie Goode said...

Sounds like you had a great day---gotta love those recliners.....

Joe and Sherri said...

Well that was a special day and you all look so happy. We just went over to my oldest daughters house for lunch and a visit. Not too much going on here. See ya next time you post

Joe and Sherri