Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, April 21 – Errand Day


Today we had our coffee while reading the journals of our friends all around the United States.

The sun came out today and it reached 70 degrees. It was a beautiful.

After Jesse finished his reading he left to run some errands. He went to pick up the CO2 container that we had dropped off a week ago. They were not able to refill it, so we are going to have to send it back to the Soda Company.

Then he went to the auto store to purchase mud flaps.

After that he went to Petsmart to get the boys some dog food. Then on to a local RV dealer to purchase some Maxx Air Vents. He was thrilled to find them on sale for $31.95 each, the lowest price he has seen - he bought two.

When he returned it was time to go to my podiatrist appointment. Last week he gave me a shot of cortisone which had no effect on the bone spur. So this time he did some electro therapy and gave me some Naprelan (ibuprofen) to take for the inflammation.

He also showed Jesse how to do some therapy to stretch and massage the ligament in my foot and was asked to do it twice a day.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to get some fresh vegetables which included 1015 onions.

While I was making dinner of chicken stroganoff and broccoli Jesse installed the air vents. I also put some cornbread in the combo oven to bake, only when I took it out, it was the same as when I put it in.

I guess the convection, 1/2 time part of my oven is not working, only the microwave part is working. When I asked Jesse what we were going to do about the over his answer was “I don’t know”.

After dinner Jesse walked the boys before it started to RAIN AGAIN – Thunderstorms. While they were gone I got the dishes cleaned up then sat down to write this entry.

We had some wicked thunder with lightening and pour down rain. The thunder rumbled the whole trailer it was very strange and scary.

If Bayer could of he would have crawled inside of me.

We watched “Biggest Loser” and “American Idol”, Jesse walked the boys and we were off to bed.

On another subject, I wanted to take a minute to congratulate Carl and Linda Roberts. They have sold their house and are now starting their lives as fulltimers. We are very happy for them and send them hugs and safe travels!!

 Carl & Linda


JB said...

Hey, what about your Canadian friends. We are still watching you even though we have that Medicine Line between us. "1,015" that's a lot of onions!

Joe and Sherri said...

Is Kram-a-lot on TV now??? You two would make a great reality show...Actually I think our whole group would make a good reality show...LOL

Joe and Sherri

Bob said...

Maybe we're not supposed to cook! My gas stove is on the fritz. Had an RV guy look at it and he said it should be fixed under warranty as it was expensive and they would probably just replace it. Barely any flame on one burner and the other one won't light. Here's hoping Carriage doesn't go out of business before we get some things fixed. The clock/radio/DVD player in the bedroom also died. Have you seen the news re Good Sam on H&L's forum? Doesn't sound good. Lynda and Bob