Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, October 10 - Our Family Weekend


Saturday was a real fun filled day. We drove to Hanover, PA to spend the day with M&M, arriving about noon.

We decided to go to a movie, we saw Secretariat. It was very good and we all enjoyed it, I thought Diane Lane was excellent in the movie.

After the movies we were all hungry, so off to Ruby Tuesday. We had a great meal there, they have the best Ruby Tuesday's of any we have been in.

After retuning to the house we fed the boys.

Here is Margaret, and yes she is feeding them with a fork, they loved it!

IMG_3471 IMG_3469 IMG_3470

We played a round of Double Dominos and I won! It was lots of fun and great company.


Please note their new light fixture that Jesse installed for them while we were there last week. Looks really nice!

Sunday we left the house at 10am traveling to Essex to meet Gene and Debbie for breakfast. We met at Shea's Pancake and Waffle House. This is a fantastic breakfast place with really good food and lots of it.

We then went back to their house to watch the Ravens beat the Bronco's!

Go Raven's


We took Mr B with us because he gets along good with Liesel

IMG_3477 IMG_3478

Kelsey came home around 2pm and watched the game with us, Kyle also came over. It was a good day and we enjoyed spending time with them.


IMG_3479 IMG_3480

We came home to the rest of our boys walked and fed them and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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