Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, October 30 - Family and getting Organized



We messed around the house most of the morning.

I was doing laundry, and trying to move things around to make them more easily accessible.

Jesse was trying to get the Satellite set-up. He was able to get the TV in the living room connected, but not in the bedroom.


We went to breakfast at Crackle Barrel but is was noon time. Then we went over to see Adam at his new house. He was ripping out carpet and preparing walls for paint. It is a very nice house and we wish them many happy times there.

We then went to Home Depot and Walmart to pick up some items we need. We found TP holder and towel ring at Home Depot, while a new shower head was purchased at Walmart.

For dinner I made Panini sandwiches.


We met Beth, Ryan, Kacie and Colt for lunch. We had a really good visit with them.

We went to Walmart again to purchase some items for our Halloween costumes.

We met Beth, DJ, Kacie and Colt at Colt's school for their Halloween Fair.

It was very cute for the children. They had many different booths for kids to play games.

Our Blue Dragon


Kacie, Goldie Locks

IMG_3663 IMG_3667 IMG_3671

IMG_3669 We had hot dogs and chips for dinner at the fair. Then returned home to relax and watch TV.


We stayed home until it was time to go to Beth's for her Halloween party. Jesse worked on putting the pump for the air bed in the compartment where the slide mechanism is located.

I made pasta salad and deviled eggs to take to the party.

Here we are Jesse is a Hippie and I am a Gypsy. I thought my costume was befitting our life style.

IMG_3677 IMG_3676

The young people played the limbo

IMG_3682 IMG_3684

Then everyone played Mummy wrap. We had to take toilet paper and wrap our team mate up like a mummy using the whole roll. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3688

After eating we all went outside to sit by the campfire and star gaze.

We returned home way after RV midnight of 9:00pm.

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Susan said...

I like that...RV midnight = 9 pm! So true....LOL!