Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, October 27 - Travel Day to Pueblo


We didn't unhook last night so we had very little to pack up, therefore we were ready to leave this morning at 7:30am. We traveled the 1st 2 hours on I-70 then US 40. Making our way to US 287, then onto CO 96, then US 50 into Pueblo.

If we are spending more then a few days somewhere we usually call for reservation, but for some reason neither of us thought to do so until today. I called and was told that she was not at the campground, so she was not sure if she had anything and wouldn't return until 3pm.

When we arrived at 2pm after 364 miles we sat and waited for her to return at 3:30. She was able to move a few reservations and fit us in. We are right in front of the horse corral, but it's okay.

While we were waiting I called Adam and Elizabeth to let them know we had arrived. I spoke to Adam, but left a message for Elizabeth.

Adam and Kim stopped by after they had gone to a teachers conference for Gage. They just bought their home and have been working very hard on it. They needed to pull out all the carpet, pads, and wall paper, afterwards they need to paint, then the new carpet will be installed. They both have homes to sell and we wish them much success at doing so quickly. Having three mortgage payments would not be fun. 

After they left Jesse and I were very tired. We didn't want to go out, so I just made turkey sandwiches. We watched Survivor and Criminal Minds before going off to bed.

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Phillis said...

We have something else in common. I like Criminal Minds, too. I missed it last night because I was watching the World Series, pulling for the Rangers.