Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, October 26 - Travel Day


We left Hannibal at 8am traveled 473 miles and arrived at Fossil Creek RV Park in Russell, Kansas at 5:15pm.

It was a long drive today but we will be in Pueblo tomorrow.

While Jesse was hooking up this morning he had trouble with the landing gear, they just stopped. It blew two 30amp fuses. Thank goodness we had some and even knew where they were. He replaced them and we were back in business.

We have found a leak under the sink. It's located at the joint between the ABS pipe and the flexible drain line.

We will call Keystone once we get into Pueblo to find out where to take the new Kram-a-lot to have it corrected.

After getting set-up I heated some leftovers, made a salad and we ate dinner.

The rest of the evening we just watched TV and computered.

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