Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 21 - Moving day


Well its 8pm and we are finally all moved into our new home and nothing fits the way it did in our Montana.

Our day started early again. I took the boys to the groomers at 8am, while Jesse walked over to the service department to find out about hooking the satellite to the TV's.

We have too much stuff and we really need to weed through and get rid of things we don't really need.

We did our walk through at 1pm and the guy was very nice and showed us whatever we asked him to. Having already owned a Keystone 5th wheel there really wasn't a lot of things he needed to show us.

We then went over to sign all the papers, and now the 2011 Keystone Alpine 3640RL is officially ours.

After returning to the RV's the guys showed up to move the washer and help Jesse move the bed.

I warmed some leftovers, we watched a little TV and then went to bed..exhausted.

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pidge said...

Your new rig is a beauty. Stay safe.