Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, November 1 - Dish and Summer 2011

Today started as normal. We had our coffee while watching the Today Show and computering.

We had an expected visitor about 10am. The Dish installer. Jesse has decided to change to Dish because we get free DVR's. If we were to stay with Direct TV it would have cost us about $400.

The guy was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. We now have one box connected to the living room TV and the DVR controls both TVs. The one in the bedroom is wireless. The whole system seems to me to be much better then Direct.

We have High Definition on both TV's, and I love the DVR's. I think I am going to LOVE this new system. I see no wires and everything looks neat.

The guy was here about 2 hours, and as soon as he left we got cleaned up to headed to Mountaindale.

The campground is about 40 minutes from Pueblo West going West on US 50, then north on Rt 115 to Mountaindale.


We met with the owner David for about an hour, taking about duties, hours, dress code, start date, and end date. Then we toured the campground to picked out which site we wanted. We decided on site 76.

We are really excited about the new job for summer 2011. We will be working with Jackie and Tony Albasini and Ed and Marilyn Dray will also be staying there for the summer AND we will be close to our children and Grandchildren !!!!

We are going to have a GREAT summer.

By the time we returned home it was 5:30, so Jesse went around the corner to pick us up a pizza.

We watched TV for the rest of the evening.


Gypsy said...

Your summer plans sound perfect!

John and Sandy said...

Sounds like a great plan! I love Colorado in the summer! Our plans are tentative, but I think we will be in that area end of May / early June.

Randy and Terry said...

Your summer plans sound wonderful! Making a little money & spending time with the grands. Doesn't get much better than that! And in such a beautiful setting. Good for you.