Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, November 21 – Shelves, Family and Shopping

Saturday, November 20

We spent the morning drinking coffee and computering like most other days.

Then it was time to get to work. The kitchen in the new rig has a pantry with 3 narrow, deep, and tall compartments.


We knew we would have to do some customizing to the pantry so Jesse ordered 2 sliding drawers custom made to fit the pantry. We will need 2 more but he wanted to make sure I was satisfied before spending more money. The object was to take the 2 lower compartments, add a shelf to each, and then a sliding drawer in each of the 4 newly created shelves leaving the top section as it was originally for very tall and seldom used items.

Earlier in the week Jesse purchased the wood, stain, and hardware to create and mount the shelves. Having already stained the wood and having the shelve cut to size it was just a matter of installing and fastening all the pieces and mounting the drawers. After 3 hours or so the job was complete, mostly anyway.

He still has to order the drawers for the middle section but the shelf for that is installed.

We were ready for some R & R after all that work. We were invited to Beth and DJ’s for dinner and games along with Adam and Kim. With everyone’s busy schedules it has been hard for all of us to get together so it was a much anticipated evening.

I made a 7 layer bean dip and Beth had veggies and dip for appetizers. Adam and Kim furnished the beer and brownies and Beth made Spanish rice and a chicken Dorito casserole for the entre. All was delicious.

Then it was on to 31. An easy card game usually played for money but we just played for fun using poker chips. All the adults and the 2 teenagers played while the 2 little ones kept themselves occupied with TV and toys.


Speaking of teenager look at Ryan compared to Jesse..Ryan is really getting to be a big boy. Taller then Jesse and weights 6 pounds more.


Everyone had a good time and the festivities broke up about 9:30. About 45 minutes later we were comfy in our home and watching TV…well after walking the boys in 22 degree temps.

Sunday, November 21

Today we got dressed and went to Crackle Barrel for breakfast about 10:30am. Then we went to the local furniture store. We are looking for a love seat that reclines or two recliners that are comfortable to replace the sofa. We really were not happy with their selection. There is a Lazy Boy store in Springs, so we will go and look there.

Afterward we stopped at Safeway to get a $4.99 turkey and a few items I needed to make chicken chili for dinner.

After returning home Jesse watched football and Nascar while I watched some recorded shows in the bedroom while resting on the bed. I really have not felt well today, have had a headache all day.

We are getting ready to have dinner shortly while watching The Amazing Race.

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