Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, November 5 - Busy Day


Last night as planned Colt arrived with all his baggage around 9pm. Beth gave me my instructions and they were gone.

We had to set the alarm this morning, because Colt needed to be at school by 7:50am. We got him up and dressed teeth brushed and breakfast eaten and we were off.

After dropping him off we went to the doctors office to get orders for my blood work. The lab is in the same building so I went right there.

I was in and out in minutes. Then Jesse and I went to breakfast...were else but Crackle Barrel.

Then we went to make an appointment for the boys with the groomer before we leave Pueblo.

Our next stop was to visit the guys I used to work with. We sat talking with them for quite some time getting caught up on all the happenings.

We went home to walk the boys, then on to Walmart for a few things.....We had just enough time to unload our purchases before heading off to pick up Colt from school.

As you can see, all this running around just wore Grampy out.


After his nap Jesse, Colt and the boys went for a walk and found the playground (per Jesse it was not to swift). Colt was happy have something to play on. Then he wanted to play with the football, so while I made dinner they were outside.

Colt wanted macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, so that's what I made.

After dinner we let Colt watch some cartoons in the living room, then when Medium came on we moved him to the bedroom TV.

Our other grandson Gage is also coming over to spend the weekend with us, so Colt thinks every sound he hears, he thinks it's Gage.

I am going for the night and will write again tomorrow.


Gypsy said...

You don't have to do anything but watch the kids and you get worn out real fast! I'm exhausted whenever I've been with my grands.

Susan said...

Grand kids are such a delight! I'll see mine in about 2 weeks...yea!