Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, November 19 – Day in Colorado Springs

Getting things stowed away is still new in our new home on wheels, so it seems it takes longer. We were still out of the campground by 7:30 and on our way to Camping World in Colorado Springs.

We traveled north on I-25 for the 40 miles drive. When we arrived Diesel, the service guy, entered in the computer all the items we needed done.

1. Leak under the kitchen sink.

2. Landing gear blows fuses when raising or lowering.

3. TV in bedroom is possessed, it turns on and off at will and mostly you have to unplug to turn off.

4. Screws missing on the drivers side skirting.

After we left them our home we went to Village Inn to have breakfast.

Then we went to Manitou Springs to walk around. It was cool and overcast which really was good for the boys to be left in the truck.




We walked in and out of several stores but our only purchase was a kitchen sink strainer. I found a stained glass piece that I really liked a lot but didn’t buy. Maybe I should go back and get it?

Then we drove around Garden of the Gods.



By this time we knew the boys needed a walk so we took them to the dog park to run around. Buddy loves to run and he got his fill.

Afterward we just drove around the area looking at beautiful houses and some wild life.


This guy just posed for me, notice his females in the back.


By this time we needed a snack, so we found a Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. While we were eating they called about the Kram-a-lot and said we could come get her.

They had to put a different sealant under the sink that needed 24 hours to set, so we couldn’t use the sink.

They ordered us a new TV.

They had to order us a new motor and gear box for the landing gear.

So we have to take her back in once these items are sent to them. This will probably mean we are not leaving here on Monday the 29th. We hope its not too much later because it’s cold here. We have gone through 3 tanks of propane already.

We traveled back to Pueblo and got set back up. I just made us a sandwich for dinner and we watched TV for the evening.


John and Ellen said...

Always nice to get things done and taken care of, even if it does mean a few extra days. Nice pics too, that was a beautiful Buck!

Gail Durham said...

It's always best to get things taken care of. It will worth the extra time.

Bob said...

Hope you get the bugs worked out soon. Speaking of bugs, did you see me eating a cricket in Vietnam? Our tour has ended and we're resting in Chaing Mai, Thailand if you wonder who the reader from Thailand is. :-) The tour kept us really busy and up at 6 am and sometimes ealier for 19 days! We're going to Hong Kong from here. Wish we could send you some of this hot weather! Lynda and Bob