Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, November 11 - Veteran's Day



veterans day

to all who is and has served our country and

to the loved ones they leave behind

Yesterday Jesse went to Home Depot to purchase the things he needed to build the storage tube to store the sewer hoses when not in use.

After he returned he went to work installing it.

I did laundry, put a pot of potato soup in the crock pot and showered while watching a few shows I had DVR'ed.

At 2:30 and drove to pick Colt up from school while Jesse continued to work on his project.

We went directly to the dollar store. He needed to fill a shoe box with new items to give to a child that is less fortunate then himself for Christmas.

He picked out 2 cars, a ball, harmonica, comb and brush, tooth brush and paste, crayons, coloring book, bag of candy, and one of those wash cloths that get big when wet.

Then we went to Walmart where we shopped for a toy for one of his friends that is having a birthday party on Saturday.

He picked out a truck and then asked for one for himself,he has been such a good boy I let him get one.

We came home and showed Gramps what we bought and filled to shoe box. We also wrote a note to the child and sent $7.00 for shipping. He will take all this to school tomorrow.

While I finished up preparing dinner he played with his truck. We had the soup for dinner, but Colt had hot dog and macaroni and cheese.

We watched TV before going to bed.

Today we were out of the house by noon. I went by my doctor's office to pick up the results from the blood work I had done and my prescriptions.

Then we went to Walmart for a few items before returning home.

Once we returned home we just relax until time to collect Colt.

When we returned home we watch Finding Nemo.

Jesse has had to disconnect the water each night because the temps have been below freezing. The furnace has been running much more then usual because we have to keep it warmer at night because of Colt.

He needed to go and get one of the propane tanks filled at the cost of $18.70.

I made chicken enchilada for dinner..

Jesse is watching the Ravens play right now and they are losing at 1/2 time ....



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