Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, November 8 - Purging


This morning was a school day for Colt. We got him up, washed face, brushed teeth, dressed and made breakfast of cold cereal.

I pack his lunch and backpack and he and Gramps were out the door by 7:40am.

Jesse was back by 8:15 and we had our coffee and did some paperwork. We had to send off some information to All-American-Direct the long distance network for dish TV.

We also had to apply for new registration for the Alpine to register in Texas, which meant we had to pay the sales tax on the RV.

Once that was finished that we organized the basement. It was nice outside about 75 degrees, so it was a good day to get this done. We got rid of a lot of things that made some extra room in the basement.

By this time it was time to take to get ready and pick up Colt. Jesse got a shower, ran to the post office to send off the registration and then picked up Colt.

While he was gone I showered and got dressed.

Once Colt and Jesse returned we gave him a snack then he watched TV.

Dinner was leftover pork from yesterday and I also made a salad, noodles and green beans.

I really don't like this getting dark early...looking forward to Spring when the time changes back.

Until tomorrow stay safe and hugs.

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Gypsy said...

So far since the time change, I've enjoyed sleeping in a bit longer. Lady doesn't beg to go out until it gets light.