Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday - November 18 - High School Again


Yesterday we just hung out at home relaxing.

Today we were out the door about 8:20am.

We stopped for fuel then went to Adams new house where I dropped Jesse off. He was going to help Adam put a  rock wall on both sides of his fire place.

I went to Kacie's high school to witness her getting an award for perfect attendance.


Then she was able to leave school for the day. They are off of school until after Thanksgiving. I don't remember getting so much time off of school for Thanksgiving when I was going to school.

We stopped by to pick up Jesse. They did a great job on the wall.

Then we went to Subway for some lunch and brought it home. After lunch we went through all my craft items and I gave most of them to Kacie. I haven't done any since we have been fulltiming, so I figured why have it. I kept some items but most went to Kacie.

We just hung out until her Mom picked her up when she got off work. Then Jesse and I prepared the rig for travel.

We have to take it to Camping World tomorrow to have some warranty work. 

Take care.

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Gypsy said...

In all the years I attended school I never had perfect attendance, and I really admire those who can achieve it. Congratulations to Kacie!