Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, November 9 - Shopping


This morning we dropped Colt at school then drove to Colorado Springs.

Our first stop was Panera Bread, where we each had a bagel with cream cheese.

Then we moved on to Target Super Store. They had some dishes I wanted to purchase. They had all the pieces I wanted except the bowls. We will look at the local store for them.

We went to the office store then to Home Goods. I find it really hard to believe that I walked out of Home Goods without any purchases.

In my old life that was one of my favorite place to shop. We just don't have room for more stuff.

On the way back to Pueblo we stopped at Camping World to see if they had the light bulbs we needed for our reading lights. We also looked for a replacement bulb for the microwave light over the stove, but they didn't have one.

We went home to let the boys out and computered for an hour before we left for our appointment with our  broker.

As soon as we were done we went to pick up Colt from school. We stopped at Lowes so Jesse could get a bulb for the stove light. Colt and I waited in the truck for him.

It has started to get very winding and a cold front is moving in.

We had turkey burgers and home made baked sweet and white potato fries for dinner.

I will leave you with this very cute picture of my boys and Colt ..



Gypsy said...

Colt is a darling little boy, and the doggies look very contented being close to him.

roamingwhenwecan said...

Home Goods was on of my favorite stores also. Its so hard now to pass it by.
How adorable Colt is...

Craig and Sue said...

Colt is sooo cute and very seriously into a movie I assume... I love to see you have three puppies because I sometimes think we are nuts to have four but they are so good. I don't think they will be a problem when we start traveling. They love to get into the Fiver and hang out.