Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, June 16 - Denali National Park (Denali Park, AK)


Today has been a long day. We were up at 4:30am dressed and left the campground at 5:30. We headed to Denali Village to meet a 6:10 am bus to take us into the park.

We boarded a school bus and other then a few 10 minute breaks we toured the park for the next 12 hours.

day 2 002

We couldn’t get the front of the bus so we took the back of the bus. It had several rows of seats removed so they could install a wheelchair lift. No one was using the lift so we figured we would  be able to use the space to move around and get good views.

day 2 004day 2 015

Susan our guide was very informative and did all she could to get everyone views for good pictures.

We each were given a bag lunch: 2 bottles of water, 1 bottle of juice, 1 bag of chips, 1 bag of crackers, humus in a tube, granola bar, an apple, 1 bag of trail mix a couple of cookies, and a turkey wrap.

We saw sheep, caribou, grizzly  bears with cubs, moose with calves, bald eagle, golden eagle, willow ptarmigan, and arctic ground squirrel.

Here are some pictures:


day 2 022day 2 044day 2 137


day 2 054day 2 057day 2 132


day 2 068day 2 083day 2 114day 2 123


day 2 025day 2 080day 2 099day 2 145

day 2 152day 2 160



We saw many more of wildlife but way too many to post the pictures here.

Some of the scenery:  A slight glimpse of Mt. McKinley

day 2 063day 2 011day 2 073

day 2 074

day 2 135day 2 150Jesse MC 015

The finale: MT. MCKINLEY


Trent and Teresa said...

You guys really did a lot of research to find all these great ideas and bus tours!!

Sure was a full day ... ha ha.

Take care ... TnT

Tom and Marci said...

Beautiful pictures!

Gypsy's Tales said...

What a great day you had - Thanks for the pictures, we are enjoying Alaska through your eyes!

Dominic & Ronnie Sue said...

dominic and i are really enjoying your blog...we feel it's a pre-cursor to what we'll see a day or 2 later!!!!
we are still in fairbanks, leaving at 4am to head to denali....
if you slow down, or we speed up we'll catch up with you!
hope so!...sue