Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, June 29 - Fish Fry (Ninilchik, Alaska)


This morning Jesse and Bob were going halibut fishing on a charter.

As they were getting ready to leave Bob noticed the Moose and one baby was at the end of the campground. I took these pictures from our front door.

Day 3 Fishing 001Day 3 Fishing 002

Now we didn’t go with them so I have very little to inform you about.

Charter Boat SAM_1647

These are pictures that Jesse took.

Day 3 Fishing 007Day 3 Fishing 012

They use a skidder to put the trailer in the water and take them out at a cost of $35 dollars each way. You are allowed to launch it yourself but if you get stuck they charge $140 to pull you out when they have time. Day 3 Fishing 028

Day 3 Fishing 017Day 3 Fishing 013Day 3 Fishing 014Day 3 Fishing 018

You are allowed to get two halibuts. One must be 29 inches or smaller and the other can be as big as possible. The guys were taken to 3 different places to fish. Jesse caught 4 fish and Bob caught 6 or 7. None of the fish were larger then the 29 inches.  There were 8 people on the charter and they all caught their limit.Day 3 Fishing 028

Boat captain Arthur and his 1st mate Kelsey were the crew.

Day 3 Fishing 022

Day 3 Fishing 028Day 3 Fishing 024Day 3 Fishing 027

Their catch

Day 3 Fishing 039


They filet the fish and bag them, but leave the skin on, so when Jesse and Bob returned to the campground they took the skin off. This is what they brought us.

Our returning fishermen



We cut them in serving size packages and bagged and sealed 18 pounds of fish.


Tonight’s dinner fried halibut, potatoes and dough.





Dominic & Ronnie Sue said...

glad you did well with the halibut...have you tried "poor man's lobster",
put sugar and salt in water, boil, add pieces of halibut and when they float to the top take them out immediately.
serve with drawn butter...
it's really really really good!
you can probably google the exact recipe (or ask someone in ninilchik/homer)'s great

Trent and Teresa said...

Okay, now you have me chompin' at the bit to go to Alaska just for the fishing!!

Nice to see the boyz bringing home the bacon, er, I mean FISH !!

Have fun ... TnT