Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday August 29 - Catch up

Ok, OK I have been very remiss in posting, shame on me. It’s very hard when nothing it happening.

My last post was on Wednesday, so I guess I will start with

Thursday: Today would have been my Mothers 78th birthday, she past away from heart disease in 1996. May she rest in peace.

Jesse had off, and he took the boys for a walk, replaced some broken sprinkler heads, and replaced our mood lights above our kitchen cabinet.

He also met me for lunch. We went to a place in a little strip shopping area called “Ground Round”. I had open face turkey and he had meatloaf, they were served with mashed potatoes. They were OK, but not great.

I had my usual payroll and accounts payables to complete today.

Once I got home we had Bagel Thursday for dinner and relaxed in front of the TV watching Big Brother and finished the 1st season of Hero’s.

Friday: Jesse worked and I had the day off. I went to the bank, then did our grocery shopping, at Wal*Mart of course. I didn’t see Jesse when I was there, as he primary works in the back.

After getting home and putting away the purchased items I did a load of laundry. Jesse has to wear a dark blue shirt and kaki pants as his “uniform”. He only has 5 shirts and 3 pants and he needed clean shirts.

We had Ruben sandwiches and oven baked curly fries for dinner and then watched TV until time for bed.

Tomorrow is another day of alone time for me. Then, it will be busy the next 2 days as we both have off on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday we are visiting with Ed & Marilyn at their place and on Monday all the kids are coming over for a cookout.

We will have FUN, FUN, FUN - Until we see ya down the road.

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Maryann said...

Hi Jesse,
It's Maryann/

We were in Branson a month ago,at Silver Dollar City,when I saw this neat sign with "Kram a lot inn" on it!! I asked the lady if you were there,she said that friends were making the sign for you..I thought that was quite a coincidence!! we liked the one you got so much,we had one made for our RV!!