Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, August 23 - Day with Good Friends

Yesterday was a very good day.

We planned an outing with Ed, Marilyn, Mike and Leslie. We were meeting at our house. When they arrived we all sat down and had a cocktail (Hey it was 5:00 somewhere:~) and some veggies and cheese I prepared and got caught up on what had happen since we last saw each other.

After about 30 minutes we left for the Mongolian Grill, but first Jesse drove to a look out point where you can see Pueblo Reservoir. They have camping and boating there and is a hot spot for those activities in the summer.

Mongolian Grill is not a fancy place at all, but interesting. For those of you who have never been to a place like this it is an experience. You choose a small, medium or large bowl that you fill from the buffet line. You take your bowl down a buffet line which has all kinds of veggies, along with chicken, pork, beef, imitation crab, shrimp (only not today) pepperoni, ham, and noodles. Then they have about 20 choices of sauces to put in your bowl. Once all that is done you hand it to the “cook” who dumps it onto an big round grill and he pushes it around the hot grill cooking your food while you watch.

We all enjoyed our food while continuing to visit with each other. When we received our fortune cookies we had to read aloud and say “under the sheets” after each phrase. Try it, its funny.

When we returned to the house we played Mexican train dominos. It was great fun and lots of laughs.

Half way through we took a break for desserts.

When we finished with the domino game (Ed won) Mike & Leslie taught us a card game called 3-13, which I won. :~)

By the time we were finished it was late for us “old folks” and you could tell that Ed was dreading the drive back to Mountaindale. These are the times you wish you had a Star Trek transporter.

Jesse and I are so very happy to have met such wonderful fun people through this new life style that we want to live. We can hardly wait to continue and......

See ya down the road.


Bob said...

I just realized if you click on the photo it gets bigger! I'm beginning to like your blog better than mytripjournal, except for reading the word verification....We arrived ok in Montrose. The park is nice - not very busy. We scraped the top of our rig when we left Woodland Park, :-( Haven't posted that yet.... Thought of you guys having fun on Sat! Hugs! Bob and Lynda

Randy and Terry said...

Just wanted to check on you all - looks like you're getting some ugly weather. GMA said there were some tornado signs in your area, so very unusual. Hope you're doing well.