Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday August 11, 2008 - Cool Morning

This morning we woke to really cool temperatures of 56 degrees. I sure wish we were at any campground living in the Kram-a-lot, so we could have our coffee and discuss our adventures for the day. I thought of Ed and Marilyn and imaged it too cool at Mountaindale to sit outside with their coffee this morning.

Unfortunately we are in the house in Pueblo and both of us had to go to work today. Jesse worked 9-6 today.

Nothing different about my work day.

When I got home I fed the boys and messed around until time to go to a friend’s house. She was having a Pampered Chef party that I attended. I have many of their products already and really like their products. They have good quality items and there were a few more items that I wanted.

It was a pleasant evening taking with the ladies there. Once I got home Jesse and I watched the Olympics until time to go to bed.

I am leaving you today with a few pictures of our back yard from our home in Maryland. Jesse did all the work himself, even the pond.

Pictured here is my younger brother Bobby, and sister-in-law Debbie

He also built this swing. He is very handy. Also in this picture is Bobby wife Kathy and my nephew Brian. He is the one we visited while on our trip, he is in the Air Force and stationed in Oklahoma with his family.

This is Tyler our oldest grandson with Kelsey our niece and Jennifer our great niece playing in Kelsey's sandbox.

See ya down the road


Joe and Sherri said... the back yard!! you did a great job on it. you will have to go to work for some of the campgrounds we have stayed imagination at all on how to arrange their stuff You would be a great asset to them...

Joe and Sherri

Bob said...

Can't believe I'm still up - catching up on some blogs while watching the Olympics for the first time this week. Yes, great back yard - loved it. Thanks for sharing. We also saw Kite Runner -rented Sweeney Todd but left for the East before we watched it. You could go to work at the ranch with H&L. Toooo much work there for us! We are yawning sooooo! Bob and Lynda

Two drifters off to see the world.... said...

Jesse, can you come back to Maryland for a project here????
You sure do good work!!

Hugs to both of you...miss you!
Bob & Molly