Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday August 13 - Day with the Dray's

Jesse and I had off today. I switched up my days so we could have off together today and we invited Ed & Marilyn over.

While it was still cool outside this morning Jesse cleaned the windows, (a job that was way over due) then cut the grass. I was dusting and sprucing up the inside along with getting the food ready.

They arrived with a bottle of wine and the fun began. We all toasted to friends and the house selling soon, and then sat in the family room to get caught up on what’s been happening in our lives.

We had the Olympics on the TV while talking so we were watching that also.

After a bit Jesse went outside to start the grill – We were having a variety of entrĂ©es brats, chicken and shrimp, hopefully something to please everyone. I also made deviled eggs, pasta salad and a festive rice dish to go with the entrĂ©es.

After dinner we played Mexican train dominos and Marilyn had the lowest score, but I said "I have the highest score so I win".

After we finished the game we had dessert. I served brownies and ice cream and a chocolate fondue with fruits, cakes, marshmallows, and pretzels to dip in the chocolate. Even if I must say so myself “it was pretty good”.

We ended the evening with hugs and a promise to get together when Mike and Leslie arrive in Colorado.

It was so much fun to spend the day with our friends and I can’t wait to see them again.

The sun setting in the Rockies.

See ya down the road


Joe and Sherri said...

It is nice to have some Dreamers near by to visit. Sherri will be back tonight and I will have someone to talk to. LOL


Bob said...

What a spread! You guys really worked hard preparing all that food. We will leave Diamond Aug. 23 so will miss the RV Dreams gathering.

Lynda and Bob