Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday August 10 - Shopping and Storming

Today began like most Sunday’s. We had coffee and Jesse was on the computer reading while I was watching the Olympics on TV. I have gotten all wrapped up in watching as much as I can in the three days I have been off. The swimming rely was awesome!!

The day didn’t continue like most Sunday’s, because Jesse had to go to work at 10am and work until 7pm :~( that meant another day home alone with the boys. I watch the Olympics most of the morning, while sitting at the computer and reading and playing games.

I was meeting Jesse at Subway, which is located in the Wal*Mart where he works, for his lunch hour at 2:30pm, so I got cleaned up to go out. We were planning to eat a late lunch and I wasn’t preparing dinner tonight. I was however making dessert. So I prepared brownies and we had ice-cream with caramel on top, YUM :~)

Once we were finished with our lunch we shopped for Colt’s birthday present, he will be 3 next week.

Then he needed to get back to work and I did the grocery shopping. While there it started to thunder really loud, so loud that you heard the people in the store making “aha and oho” sounds when it would bang.

I finished at the check-out and proceeded to the car. It was raining lightly at first, then really hard before I got everything in the car and the cart stored away, so I got pretty wet.

Apparently it had rained quite a lot as all the low areas were flooded. I would go through these areas and the muddy water would wash up the sides of the car. It had washed down a lot more of our gravel in the beginning of our driveway. It lasted for about another 30 minutes, which is a lot for our area.

After Jesse go home we watched Big Brother and more Olympics.

Tomorrow I am back to work so

See ya down the road

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Joe and Sherri said...

I have a funny story that happened in a Wal Mart there in Pueblo Colorado. Too long to related over the comment box but some time when I have time I will email it to you. I think you will appreciate it.

Joe and Sherri