Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday July 2 - Another Day Alone 2

I completed my work in the garage today, it looks pretty good; even if a say so myself. I also completed the laundry and called it a day.

For the rest of the day I pretty much just watched HGTV or Food Network and played games on the computer. Having off two day in a row without Jesse is not too much fun. I am sorry to use a cliché but “he completes me” and he makes me laugh.

I made a chicken and vegetable Sheppard pie for dinner, it was pretty tasty.

Today we are going out to lunch with Ed and Marilyn, Bob and Lynda, Chuck and Kathy. I am really looking forward to seeing our friends again.

It’s funny, but when we 1st talked about doing this RV adventure, one of my reservations was meeting people. I thought we would be meeting these really old people that sat around like bumps on a log talking about the good old days.

But I have been so pleasantly surprised to meet some really wonderful people that have more spunk and energy then I can image. They are so friendly and have a zest for life and travel.

I think the answer is: They enjoy life and being free to live that life!

I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful family of good people.

I haven't posted many pictures lately so here is only of Jesse and our youngest Grandson Colt while we were at the Pueblo zoo last year.

This is Gage our other young Grandson making a funny face.

This was from our family campout last Labor Day weekend. It was half way between Woodland Park and Deckers Colorado. It was part of the National Forest Service called Colorado Campground.

See ya down the road.

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Bob said...

Hey hey, catching up on your blog. Just a hello from one of them 'old people' who lets their hair down- well, not really, but...:-) It has been so much fun to get to know you and Jesse!

Bob and Lynda